Juozas Adamonis

Juozas Adomonis: key dates
1932 born on 16 March in Seirijai, Lazdijų District
1951 graduated from Jonas Biliūnas gymnasium in Anykščiai
1951-1957 graduated from the Lithuanian State Art Institute majoring in ceramic art
1957 became a member of the Lithuanian Artists'Union 1957-1961 staff artist of the Lithuanian Light Industry Board
1961 -1962 artist designer of Vilnius Fashion House
1958 married the architect Brigita Meslinaitė
1960 his son Evaldas, a future architect, was born
1962 his son Vilmantas, a future sculptor, was born
1962-1973 taught at the Lithuanian State Art Institute (now Vilnius Academy of Arts)
1964-1974 deputy chairperson of the Applied and Decorative Arts Section of the Lithuanian Artists'Association
1969-1971 a member of the editorial board of the Dailė magazine
1971,1975,1998 organized a number of international symposiums of ceramic art in Vilnius
1974 was appointed vice-rector for science and education of the Lithuanian State Art Institute
1976 acting head of the Department of Ceramic Art of the Lithuanian State Art Institute
1977 awarded the Title of the Artist of Merit
1982 appointed vice-rector for science of the Lithuanian State Art Institute; acting professor at the Department of Ceramic Art
1983 received full professorship (recognized by the Lithuanian Science Council in 1993); a member of the Senate of Vilnius Academy of Arts until 2008
1984-1986 a member of the editorial board of the magazine Menotyra 1986-2000 head of the Department of Ceramic Art of Vilnius Academy of Arts 1992-1997 vice-chairperson of the Senate of Vilnius Academy of Arts 1998 appointed member of the Senate revision commission of Vilnius Academy of Arts 2002 awarded Cross of Officer of the Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas 2010 retired from teaching career
In 1957, the artist started participating in decorative art exhibitions and symposiums in Lithuania and abroad (Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia, Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, Russia, Hungary, Belarus, Germany, Estonia, Ireland). From 1974-2010 he has given nine solo exhibitions in different Lithuanian galleries. Several of his pieces have been installed in public spaces.
Adomonis'artwork is acquired by the museums in Lithuania and in Russia, Czech Republic and Hungary as well as by private collectors in Lithuania, Germany and Russia.
From 1969 through 2010, Professor Adomonis graduated 54 bachelors and masters from the Lithuanian State Institute, later Vilnius Academy of Art.
Since 1959 Adomonis constantly contributes to a range of periodicals in Lithuania and abroad covering the art of ceramics. Juozas Adomonis has put together the following publications: Dailioji keramika [Studio Pottery] (1966), Taikomoji dekoratyvinė dailė [Applied Decorative Art] (1969,1972), Tarptautinis keramikų simpoziumas Vilniuje [International Vilnius Symposium of Ceramic Artists] (1973,1978).
Juozas Adomonis is the author of several textbooks; Keramikos menas. Meninės keramikos specialybės pagrindai [The Art of Ceramics. The Foundations of Specialty in Fine Ceramics] (1998), Nuo taško iki sintezės. Taikomosios dailės kompozicijos pagrindai [From a Dot to Synthesis. Introduction into Composition in Applied Arts] (1994, 2008).

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