Kazys Morkunas

Kazys Morkūnas was born in 1925-2014.
1946-1951 m. studied at Kaunas Applied and Decorative Art Institute at Decorative and monumental painting department. In 1952. graduated from the Art Institute of the Lithuanian SSR (studied with Stasys Ushinskas). Since 1953. Lithuanian Institute of Art Lecturer, 1977-1985 ., 1993-1997. Head of Drawing Department, since 1976. Professor. Lithuanian national award (1973m.), USSR State Prize (1986m.) - laureate.
Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas order cavalier (2000m.)
Lithuanian Republic Government Culture and Art Award (2013)
In 1953. Lithuania was one of the first artists who created experimental stained glass of some melted glass layers. Since the seventies uses lumped glass combined with concrete, combines a variety of glass textures
His works are marked by optimism, clearly convey the idea of monumentality, solid expressive composition, drawing and color unity, dynamic forms, whirling figures motif, expressive rhythm, rich contrasting colors (mainly blue, yellow, red)

'''Stained glass school'''
In the 20th century Lithuanian stained glass school was the strongest in the Soviet Union, and the founder of this art was a famous country artist Stasys Usinskas who studied in Paris at Higher School of Applied and Decorative Arts in 1929-1930 (Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Métiers) in class of Henri Marcel Magne. In 1930-1931 he attended classes of Fernando Léger and Alexandra Exter at Modern Academy (Académie de l'Art Moderne), listened to lectures of Le Corbusier. He formed the foundations of the Lithuanian school, identified the key issues and arranged four fundamental rocks: tradition and modernity, individuality and working method. Being a Stasys Usinskas student and follower, Mr.Morkunas continued the creation of foundations of modern Lithuanian stained glass. In Morkunas works you can feel the influence of French school.

More important created stained glasses:
1956-1960 Egle, Queen of Serpents "(3 plot and 2 ornamental stained glasses), Druskininkai
1957 "Art and Peace, the Ministry of Culture, Vilnius, Lithuania
1960 Morning, "Kremlin, Moscow, Russia
1961 "Pirčiupiai, stained glass and sculpture gallery, Kaunas
1965 "Spring", stained glass and sculpture gallery, Kaunas
1967 " Anthem to Work" EXPO-67, Montreal, Canada
1967 Decorative Stained Glass (co-author S. Kazimieraitis), USSR Art Salon, Moscow, Russia
1970 "Soviet Youth" EXPO-70, Osaka, Japan
"The first contacts with Japan, the EXPO-70, Osaka, Japan
1972 "Fight" and "Work" (2 stained glasses), the Soviet Army Memorial, Kryzkalnis, Lithuania.
1974 "Three Muses", Vilnius, Lithuania
1974 "Youth" (2 stained glasses), "Eglė" sanitarium in Druskininkai
1976 Decorative stained glass, House of Culture, Kaisiadorys
1981 "Celebration", the Lithuanian SSR Supreme Council (Seimas), Vilnius
1982 "The Incredibles" Ninth Fort memorial, Kaunas
1983 3 stained glass portraits dedicated to A. Baranauskas, J. Biliūnas, J. Tumas-Vaižgantas, Literature Museum, Anyksciai
1986 "Battle of the Sun“, Siauliai
"Youth, Marriage Hall, Panevezys
1998 4 decorative stained glasses, the Genocide Memorial, Kaisiadorys
1998-2004 series of 27 stained glasses of St.. Virgin Mary‘s life motives, Blessed. Virgin Mary's Cathedral, Vilkaviskis
2005 2 stained glasses for great Lithuanian Duke Jogaila and Vytautas, Puńsk School, Poland
2006 3 stained glass windows for large Lithuanian Duke Algirdas, Kestutis and Vytautas, Ziburys "school, Seine, Poland
2007 3 stained glasses for J.Baltrusaitis, his wife and son, J. Baltrusaitis High School, Moscow, Russia
2008-2011 cycle of stained glasses, Utena Divine Providence Church developed and produced 14 traditional stained (Stations of the Cross) and two dimensional stained glasses hanging in the altar. These two lattice stained glass - 5m tall figure of Christ and of God eye 3m in height has no analogues, because of their extremely complex production design. They hang on just two cables and give the impression as if it hovers in space above the altar.
2011 Battle of Grunwald (diptych I), the Seimas, Vilnius, Lithuania

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